Our Dream


To obtain a building in an industrial setting to serve as:

  • A home like atmosphere in which to build trust and hope
  • A drop in center for tutoring, homework and use of computers
  • Training Center
    • Teaching life skills
    • Financial literacy
    • Nutrition and exercise
    • Healthy thinking
    • Counseling
    • Bible Studies
    • Parenting skills
    • Vocational training
    • Job placement and collaboration with local businesses
    • Recreation
    • Music lessons
    • Leadership development
      • Raise up leaders to go back into Juvenile facilities, neighborhood settings, and schools with a personal testimony and message of hope


A personal prophetic word from Pastor Maria Tajon, New Beginnings Church, Santa Maria, CA

“You take care of the unlovely, and when other people don’t want to have anything to do with them, and they’ve thrown them out in the garbage, you’ve gone over to the garbage can and you’ve cleaned them off, and you’ve kissed them and loved them.   Because you’re after My heart, know that I’m in it.  Know that I’m for you, and know that I reward those who are after My heart.”


We dream of a place they can call their refuge, neutralizing any gang affiliation; a center for healing, or reorientation training, schooling / education scholarships, jobs, housing, family, and more. A gathering place where they can become encouraged and healed. We want them to learn basic living skills in a healthy environment, while being empowered by the Holy Spirit to live the life their Heavenly Father has planned for them.





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