A Young Man from Lompoc

A young man from Lompoc came to the Tuesday night group with his fiancé. He used to live in town but had to leave due to some serious trouble locally. The Lord asked Ben to drive soon after he got off work to pick up this young man and his fiancé up and drive them to Santa Barbara.  After they attended the Tuesday night meeting, Ben let them stay at his place over night. Mike called his boss and asked if he could start work the next day at 1:00 in the afternoon and his boss was ok with it. God has given Mike so much favor with his boss. Praise God!

In the morning, Mike drove them to court to clear up some past violations. The Lord made it possible for him to go into the courtroom at the last minute. The judge talked with this young man and dismissed a few issues and then said that he could pay the other fines, and then and only then, could get his driver’s license. After court the Lord provided the money to clear his record, he left the courthouse with tears in his eyes, saying that he has never had a clean record since he was a teenager. He is now in his mid-twenties. The Lord is clearing up his past so that he can embrace his future and his destiny.

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