Ankle Monitor Switch to Silver Ankle Bracelet

Gloria blessing Stephanie Stephanie and her ankle blessingFull Scale      Full Scale

One of the young ladies from was put on an electric monitor instead of going to jail, in which we were very thankful. During the time she was wearing this ankle monitor, she began to understand how confining this was and learned the value of accountability. Although it was difficult to report her every move to the probation department, it kept her from making the poor decisions that lead her down the wrong path. When it was time to get her ankle monitor removed and no longer report to probation, she became fearful that she would mess up again. That’s when one of the women on our JUVY Prayer Team purchased a sterling silver ankle bracelet made of hearts that were linked together. The ankle bracelet was to serve as a reminder that she is not alone. We had a very special ceremony, where we prayed over the silver ankle bracelet, dedicated it to the Lord and dedicated this young woman’s future to the Lord. It was so powerful! Our hearts are linked together with hers, but most of all, she is the Daughter of The Most High God and He loves her. She has since held down a full-time position in a local small business as a technician, and also works part-time for the city of Santa Barbara.  Another great testimony of the power of God changing lives in our midst!

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