Another Life Rescued off the Streets

One of the young men from the Tuesday night group, who started coming 2 years ago on his birthday, was encouraged by some of the young people in his neighborhood to try meth. That day launched a 6-month period of a downward spiral of destruction in his life and his family’s life. This past month, we tried to pull him off the streets to bring him to our Tuesday night group meetings, just so he can sit in God’s powerful Presence.


Last week, Mike introduced him to the local ministry outreach, U-Turn for Christ, a very successful, Christ-centered rehab program. After talking with a team from U-Turn for Christ, he decided to go into the program and the Lord provided the finances. Yesterday, he celebrated his second week in the program and his family came and spent the afternoon with him. He is forever grateful to the Lord for rescuing him from this life of destruction and setting him free! He is now on the path to recovery. That’s what The JUVY Project is all about…

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