Carries her New Bible

Reyna has been in and out of the foster care system most of her life.  She has a burning desire to attend college and make a profound difference in this world.  Reyna enrolled in SBCC last year only to have to drop out because she had to work full-time to support herself.  She shared her dream with us during a Tuesday night Bible study and we agreed to help Reyna try one more time, but this time with loving support.  Reyna found a room in a house close to SBCC but had no furnishings. The Juvy Project provided her with school supplies, bedding, personal hygiene items and other small furnishings so she could study and sleep well.  This small amount of support felt like a million dollars to Reyna because someone believed in her and is cheering her on.  Reyna loves the Lord and carries her new Bible with her everywhere she goes.

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