Gilbert’s 18th Birthday

During our Tuesday night meeting, we celebrated Gilbert’s 18th birthday. There was a very heavy anointing. We started out by singing happy birthday to him and then began to pray over him.  When Mike encouraged his two sisters to pray for him, Kathy, the youngest, opened her mouth to pray but she started to cry and then sobbed over her brother. When she could finally get out some words out, she was saying how much she loves him and how thankful to God she is for him as a brother. His other sister, Fabiola started to cry and pray a blessing over her brother. The whole group watched as God was healing this precious family. Not one person had a dry eye. Praise God!

The guys felt lead to wash Gilbert’s feet and then they prophesied over him and lead him to the Lord as he prayed the sinner’s prayer. What an amazing birthday gift from our Lord and savior to His son, Gilbert.

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