Kathy’s Graduation

It was questionable whether or not one of the young ladies from The JUVY Project would actually graduate from Junior High. Our group gathered around her to pray over her and to encourage her in the importance of a good education. The JUVY Project was able to bless Kathy with enough money to shop for a very special new dress to wear as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma. Mike took a few hours off from work to attend Kathy’s graduation, along with her mom, sister and brother. When it was time for Kathy to get her diploma, Mike and Kathy’s brother and sister ran out on the field and cheered her on. Kathy lit up with a big smile as she walked across the stage with her diploma in her hand. Her mom took a lot of pictures and afterwards they celebrated Kathy’s success at a local restaurant. This is a very grateful family!

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