Leading 162 Young People to the Lord

This year, we had the honor to lead 162 young people to the Lord! We passed out 153 Bibles at LPBC and SMJH and purchased 15 leather Bibles with names engraved on them for the new people attending the Tuesday night meeting in our home. We purchased college textbooks and financially assisted some of the young people in paying for classes at SBCC. We also financially helped some who were required to attend probation classes. Through donations from our local church family, South Coast Church, we were able to get school supplies and toiletries for the young people in need, and so much more! We helped a couple of the young people get their driver’s license and auto insurance. We were able to help a group of the young women from The JUVY Project to attend a women’s conference with the women from South Coast Church in Cambria, CA. We performed 2 wedding ceremonies for The JUVY project this year, and the Lord blessed one couple with a beautiful, healthy, newborn son. Your support has enabled us to provide love in a tangible way and we could not do it without you!  Thank you so very much!

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