Light of the World

Tuesday night group was pretty special tonight. As we began to worship, one from the group brought a friend. This new young person sat and watched as people worshiped the Lord and then interacted during our prayer time. He asked his friend, “What’s in this house? I feel something in here.” She told him that he was feeling the Presence of God. After the preaching and prayer time was over, this young person asked Mike if he could talk to him. They talked until 11:00. He told Mike that he was diagnosed as a bi-polar person. He started hearing voices, six at a time, for the past few years now and he was being treated for his condition.

He said that as he sat down in our home the voices stopped. He couldn’t believe that they stopped. Mike shared with him that Jesus is the Light of the World and that all darkness has to leave when He shows up. He received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was now filled with the Light of the World. Praise God! Thank you, Jesus, for all You are doing in the loves of these young people.

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