Lord Provides Her Defense Attorney

One of the young ladies from the Tuesday night group had to go to court so Mike took half a day off from work to go pray with her and to be there for her. When the judge came out and it was her time to step to the podium, she was planning to ask for a court-appointed attorney due to the charges being brought before her. Then the judge began to speak to her like a grandfather would talk to his granddaughter. Mike said his eyes filled with tears as he watched the Lord provide her defense attorney, the judge.

It was one of the most astounding things he’s ever seen! The court watched in bewilderment as the judge said that he would take the place of her attorney.  He asked the court recorder to note what was going to take place in this young lady’s life. He blessed her beyond our understanding. We are witnessing God’s amazing grace over these young people who are turning their lives over to Jesus Christ.

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