Powerful Testimony

Powerful testimony! One of the young ladies from the group, Brittany, moved out of the area and now lives about 5 hours away. Through text messages and phone calls, we encourage her in the Lord by sharing Scriptures and praying with her. She wanted to come and visit our Tuesday night home group meeting. Brittany was going to book a train ticket on an early Monday train but at the last minute felt that she should wait to come the next day, on a different train. Praise God that she followed the Lord’s lead and did not to get on that first train.  That first train was traveling North and hit an abandoned truck left on the track which caused a lot of damage and some people were injured. Everything had been cleared off the train track for her trip the following day, and she was encouraged that she did hear the voice of the Lord, and obeyed by changing her train ticket. Brittany came to our JUVY meeting and received a download of loving prayer and encouragement and returned home strengthened in the Lord!

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