The Bibles

We traveled to Santa Maria Juvenile Hall three times per month, and Los Prietos Boys Camp on Friday nights to share the Gospel.  This past year, we experienced God’s favor in the way the staff and young people look forward to our meetings and invite us to stay much longer than our scheduled time slots.  We noticed there were times that the Bibles we distributed were left on the bookshelves in the units.  We really prayed and asked God what Bibles we should order so the confined youth would take them home upon release.  We brought 3 or 4 different types of Bibles into the units with us to ask them which ones they liked best and why.  They chose the black leather-bound, gold leaf, compact gift Bible with a ribbon marker, the New Living Testament.  We no longer found any Bibles left on the shelves.  Instead, they were amazed that we would present them with such a nice Bible, and that they could actually keep it! They would immediately ask the staff for an ink pen to write their name in the Bible so it became their personal possession, allowing them to take it out of the facility! We’ve since handed out 264 Bibles at SMJH and Los Prietos Boys Camp.

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