The Holy Spirit

The Lord put on Mike’s heart to take the Tuesday night group to the mountains overlooking the city. He picked up a carload and they all went up to a lookout point overlooking the city. They took their flashlights and stood facing the city lights. Mike asked everyone to ask the Holy Spirit how we should pray for the city. It was pretty cool to see how the Holy Spirit had the group pray for the young people in Junior High, High School and College. They started to cry for the youth and then began to weep as they addressed the wounds and deep pain in the youth asking God for healing. Then the Holy Spirit had them pray for the dads in the homes and the relationship with their children. The Holy Spirit had Mike close out the meeting by repenting for all of the stabbings and shootings that have taken place in our city and communities. It was a very powerful time in His Presence, all guided by the Holy Spirit.

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