The Los Prietos Boys Camp

The Los Prietos Boys Camp has gone through budget cuts and the Boot Camp section has been closed down. So the only camp that is still open is the Los Prietos Boys Camp. Ben and I were at the Friday night meeting last week where they took our group to the Boot Camp dorm and we had our meeting in that dorm. We asked the young men to ask for the Presence of God to come and He came in a very soft Holy Presence of God.

As Mike and Ben were taking turns ministering to the group, a young man began to cause a disturbance. Mike stopped and ministered to the young man prophetically and then asked if he could pray over him. He said yes, and the power of God increased so much that Ben was so lost in His presence that Mike had to call out His name to get his attention. Pretty cool. Both Ben and Mike split the group in half and prayed over each one. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned around for good, all for His Glory.

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