This is a Crazy Testimony!

Through a divine appointment God set up  – Mike was included in a group text message and one person kept talking about the devil as being his friend and helper. Mike had no idea who this was, but knew this person needed Jesus! So through praying and texting back and forth 3 or 4 times with this person, Mike was able to arrange a time to meet and have lunch. They found out that they knew each other. This guy had come to our house to watch a boxing match a while back!  He was homeless and very discouraged. He was very thin and frail and in need of LOVE! We got some men from the church to work together to get this young man some clothes, to make sure he had some food to eat and let him use our showers, etc. Through prayer and following the voice of the Lord, this young man was blessed with one day’s work at the church.  That same day, he told the men at the church that he got a job offer and just started to work 4 days a week, 10 hour days. As the men heard this, they chipped in some cash and bought a nice bike for this young man so he could ride it to his new job. This young man just texted us telling us that the new job became a permanent job!  He was thanking us for being there for him and believing in him and encouraging him not to give up!!! Praise God for all His blessings!

We are praying for this young man to have an encounter with the living God and that he will be brought into the Kingdom of God.  Another lost one on his way home to Father…

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