Trip to Guatemala

Mike and Phil traveled together to Guatemala with Ken and Sue and a group of 20 people from their church. This is the first trip for Mike and Phil to Guatemala. Ken and Sue have been faithfully ministering there for over 20 years. They arrived in Guatemala City and drove 3 vans to San Lucas and stayed at the mission house. Mike said that the mission house compound was beautiful and would house over 50 people.

The next day, the team ministered at a Men’s Rehab facility in Parramos. Mike said that the ministry time was very special for him. He ministered with Ken and both Ken and Mike talked about wishing Glenn could have been there to see them ministering together. Ken is Glenn’s son and Glenn was Mike’s spiritual dad. Glenn is with the Lord now and part of the great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1-3).

The trip included ministry time at Rehobath Children’s Home with a big birthday party for all the girls and boys at La Puerta Day Care Center, while work was being done on their facility by some team members. Our team also spent a day at Getsemani School, going from classroom to classroom interacting with the students in English. At the end of the school day, the team had two one-hour meetings with the junior high and high school classes. A doctor and two nurses were part of our team and spoke about sex education to both groups. Phil and Mike shared near the end of each meeting with an alter call for salvation. Praise God for the work that Ken and Sue have been doing to help the missionaries and encourage the pastors by strengthening them on a yearly basis! The Bible says You shall recognize them by their fruit. The lasting and growing fruit in this ministry that Ken and Sue have faithfully and passionately served in is truly amazing.

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