Two Young Ladies

Two of the young ladies from the Tuesday night group preached and taught the Word of God tonight. They were so excited! They came over to the house and worked with Mary Ann putting together the message and finding Scriptures, even looking into the Hebrew for a meaning of a word in the Old Testament.

After worship and prayer, they lead the group in reading the Word and discussing the different Scriptures. The whole group participated and was challenged to live the Christian life and set the example for others to follow. They were challenging the group to get involved in our community and to start cleaning up the streets and picking up the trash on the ground. They encouraged everyone not to just walk past trash or paper, but to pick it up and to get involved in doing something that will make a difference in the community in which we live. They closed out the meeting with people taking turns praying for needs in our city and in the other regions that are hurting and experiencing difficult times. Praise God!  He is raising up the next generation to go out and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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